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Hi I’m Imogen!

I’m 17 and started dancing when I was 4 however it wasn’t until I was 14 that I took it seriously and knew I wanted this as a career.


I am currently in my first year studying at the incredible Laine Theatre Arts where I do all genres of dance as well as musical theatre and acting and I also play the guitar. At the moment I am working towards gaining my level 6 diploma in dance/musical theatre. 


I am a tap world champion after competing at the IDO world tap championships held in Reisa, Germany with Tap Attack as well as being a part of the winning group at the Mardi Gras Challenge held at Saddlers Wells in London with Vale.


I am in love with everything in this industry and am constantly inspired, pushed and motivated by everyone at Laine as well as all the incredible dancers I am fortunate to meet at conventions, classes and on social media. 


I am extremely grateful to be an ambassador for Floral Buns, the bun wraps are just beautiful and incredible quality too! I always receive so many compliments wearing them at college, they are just beautiful and perfect for classes, exams, competitions and conventions!

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