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🌈Hi, I’m Mila! I am 11 years old and I train at Woodside School of Ballet. This September I am going to board at Tring Park after receiving one of the scholarships this year and

I am so happy to be chosen as one of the 2020 Floral Buns ambassadors.


I started dancing when I was only two years but I was actually a competitive rhythmic gymnastics before I started focussing on ballet. I love ballet because it is a way to help me express my feelings through movement. I admire the elegance and grace and the strength and technique it requires, both physically and mentally.


As well as the global pandemic, this year has also been the year that I transfer from primary school to secondary school. It hasn’t been easy, I’m sure many dancers have struggled at times but we have found new ways to train and built new friendships through the tough times which has been lovely. 


I was lucky enough to gain a funded place at a full time ballet school, with the audition only one day before lockdown it was a close call!


Before quarantine I had been working very hard to improve my technique and now of all times I am still trying my best to continue this, considering the circumstances. Through the online classes I still like to wear my Floral Garlands, they makes it feel more like a studio class and adds that extra sparkle to my ballet outfit.😁

All of the accessories are very durable and add that stunning touch to your hair- they are gorgeous for absolutely everyone, dancers or Rhythmic gymnasts, my sisters even like to wear floral garlands to birthday parties!



I am super proud to be a Floral Buns ambassador! I really enjoy representing this beautiful brand. The flower garlands and pins are of the best quality and lovely designs, you can see how much care and effort goes into each individual pice. I look up t

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