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Tuesday 29th January

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Hi everyone, after a busy day at school,I have been checking and updating my BTEC in dance folder ready to hand in tomorrow. Now I have finished this I thought you might like to know a bit more about how I chose this course.

I met Mark Swann the director of Cambridge Ballet Academy nearly a year ago at Move it Show 2018 where he told me about his associate classes and the level 2 BTEC course. I wanted more ballet classes. I liked the sound of Marks ballet so I auditioned just after Move IT and shortly after started my first class I have enjoyed the classes learning group dances and solos over the past few months with Mark!

Last year I chose my GCSE options, whilst I wanted to do the dance option, the BTEC at my school does not include ballet and as I want a career in ballet Cambridge Ballet Academy's BTEC was a perfect solution. In September I started the Level 2 BTEC dance at Cambridge Ballet Academy, I have classes in ballet, contemporary and Jazz. I have learnt a huge amount, including looking at careers in dance and how to choreograph dances properly. We have used lost of methods including the phone box method. People may think that a BTEC in dance is an easy option but I would disagree, its not all practical we have to keep a log and write reflections, so be prepared and most importantly organised.

Being part of Cambridge Ballet Academy BTEC dance has also given me so many opportunities. We were able to go to Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary student's choreography show. We were lucky enough to have a tour of the college and were allowed to ask lots of questions about applying to the school for full time training. We will be performing at Move it 2019 which I'm really excited about.

If you would like to know more about Cambridge Ballet Academy you can contact Cambridge Ballet Academy at, or talk to Mark Swann at Cambridge Ballet Academy’s stand 507 just round the corner from mine!

Love Tori

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