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Sunday catch up

Hi everyone, wow what a busy week its been.

I have been really busy at school this week especially in business studies. In my BTEC course on Wednesday we had an unseen exam, I wasn't expecting that, but Mark explained its called a retainer test to seen how much knowledge we have retained. We got the results on Friday at parents evening and I didn't do as badly as I thought I would.... Phew!!!

I'm a little behind on my course work but its half term soon so I can catch up then.

Yesterday I went to Central associates and did my ballet and pilates class before having to rush back home as Cambridge ballet academy were performing in a local performance called Energise where lots of dance schools get together. My Cambridge Ballet associate class did a classical ballet piece en pointe, all went well and we got lots of lovely comments.

Today I've been making lots of bun garland as I'm launching a classic collection, I love all the colours in this collection and I hope you do too.

Love Tori xxx

New peaches and cream

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