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A year since MOVE IT

I can't believe its a year since I went to Move It and had my stand, I'm not there this year as we just don't think there is enough of a ballet market to make it financially viable. Its been a busy year since then and thanks to the contacts I have made I have had a steady stream of orders, which has been good for funding my pointe shoes and workshops I want to attend.

Thanks to the orders last year I paid for my four week summer school at English National Ballet school which I absolutely loved and learnt so much. I have also paid for about six pairs of pointe shoes and added to my leotard collection.

As many of you know I was studying for my BTEC in Dance, (which I did outside of school in a year), my results are in and I got a distinction which Im really pleased about as it was really hard juggling this on top of everything else.

I have also passed my Grade 7 RAD ballet exam with Distinction

In September I left Central School of Ballet Associates and moved to Ballet Boost and Academy of Balletic Arts (both run by Emma Northmore), this has been a really good move as its 2 - 3 times a week and I feel my confidence and technique has improved so much.

I became an ambassador for Dansez dance clothing, Have been a fan of their range of leggings, tops and leotards for many years. As an ambassador I have a discount code so if anyone would like it message me on instagram.

In February we went to New York for my Mums 50th birthday, whilst I was there I spent a morning at Joffrey Ballet School taking classes, this school felt so right for me, everyone was so friendly. The classes were challenging as they were 2nd year students and I did a partnering class which I haven't had much experience with. A few days after I got an email to say I had been offered a place at the summer school with a 50% scholarship and a place on their 4 year training programme. I really want to go but Mum and Dad are worried about me being so far away.

Thank you to everyone for your support, especially as I try and juggle school, ballet and my business.

Love Tori XX

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